by Peter Marus

Just wanted to put up a quick thing up here. First tonight I went to see my friend's bike shop he and some guys opened. I have to say for a business starting out, they look like they have the foundation there. It's not the largest place, but for starting out and where they are, it's a good situation. I have to ay I am really proud of my friend. First, even when things are going well, it takes balls to open a business. These guys decided to go for it and it looks like they have the start of something good. All the guys working there and into this business are really passionate about bikes and I think that will help them go a long way in the success of the shop. Despite him looking tired and a little nervous, as anyone would be just starting a business, it was really cool seeing him happy. Still cool to se him going out and doing this and also just cool to feel proud for a friend.

See? I'm not a total asshole. The people who I like and are cool with I try to help out and support. I do all I can to make sure that those who do good for me, I make sure I return the favor. Just remember that.

Side note the website thing hasn't really progressed. Not lost interest, but I haven't had time to really work on it. This weekend I want to really work on it. I do want to get it up and running, but I won't until I am sure it is done right.