by Peter Marus

In a few hours, I help my cousin and his wife move into their new crib. I spent last weekend helping painting a room in it, and that was a fun thing...not counting the FIRE down the hall in one of his new neighbors's apartments!!!!! After the NYFD left the building, the hallway had such a nice odor-everytime I was in the hall I had a craving for smoked ribs!!! Another fun thing was when one of the elevators apparently was messed up by the fire. First it took forever for the elevator to get up to the floor (5th, I'll get into another thing in a minute), then when it came up to the floor the door wouldn't close for a good 3 mins.

I said he was on the 5th floor, and his building doesn't have a freight elevator but has "Intimate" that means when it's time to move his big furnature, it's either wedge it into the elevator, or carry it all up the stairs. Oh, thank God he lives on an odd number floor...if he was on an even numbered floor, i'd have to use the stairs since the elevators only go to odd number floors.

Other than that, they got a really nice apartment, it was well kept up (it's actually a co-op, and the previous owners really did a good job renovating the place recently). The floors are all parquet floors, and a rich colored wood on top of it. I think the only major thing they have to do now is maybe put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, just to make it look cleaner. I gotta say it's an impressive place and maybe I'll be allowed there once in a while after the move in!!!

Other news: I haven't heard anything from First Investors, so I guess I wasn't picked to come back for a third interview...oh well, not the first time I have had that happen.