by Peter Marus

Just got my Wii system and Wii Sports is addictive as hell!! I have been paying that since I got the system, and I got Zelda. I plan on playing that sometime this weekend after I get a lot of cleaning done after moving my bedroom around.

Now to what I really wanted to write about. Today I was at work doing my thing, and I was thinking about life and what has happened in it. I came to the realization that what good came out of it is because of one attitude I took into it, and the bad came out of another attitude. At work, I look at it as I am investing my time into doing the work in order to get something out of it (paycheck, benefits, whatever to make me better or happy). If I didn't like the job I had or it was a situation that what I was investing in wasn't coming back to me or it didn't look like it would, I'd simply leave. Seeing that it has been working in work situations, I decided to apply it to all factors of my life. Like in relationships for example; if I am putting in time to get to know someone and she isn't giving back what I am giving in, I am gone and I'll move on to someone who will . I got better things to do than waste my time on someone or wait for someone. This also could work for friendships, relationships with my family or anything in my life. I have no time to waste on others who will not appreciate and give back what I give them. Does this make me more selfish? Probably. Does it make me seem impatient? Possibly. But at the same time, I have a limited time on this planet, why should I waste investing time on something that won't make me happy?

I do have to ask those who are really friends of mine to remind me of this when I am down or unhappy about something. This is a new habit to get into for me, and it means also that i am breaking an old one. As we all know all habits die hard, so I my need help with this.