by Peter Marus

I doing this at lunch on my phone. I have wanted to write something the past several nights, but things came up and next thing I knew, it was 1am. So it may be even less organized and grammatically correct, but deal with it.

I am now officially a Godfather to a beautiful baby girl. The ceremony was a group baptism, which was a new thing for me to experience. My cousin and I looked like a couple of hitmen, dressed almost identically (not planned), but iwas the better looking one. The reception went well, and I enjoyed spending time with those who I care about and vice versa. Since that positive day, it's been all good in my life. Ice been in a much positive mood lately. It's awesome.

I saw a lot about google's android OS, and I am thinking of leaving the iPhone to an android powered phone. They have a more open system, and it would cost less to use. Plus I can integrate my life to all of Google's products, and it all works with program on my Mac. I'm looking into all this, and I may even go back to Verizon if the offer is right. I'll see, but again I'm still researching this. Of I can get the same type of apps on the android phone, that will be a big factor. My music would be on the iPod I still have, which isn't a big deal to me.

Ok, back to work...