by Peter Marus

Just thought I would update what is going on.

First the job search still sucks. I have an interview Tuesday with another temp agency. Maybe this one will actually get me a job. Also got a USB modem for my computer to fax things out. My laptop doesn’t have a fax modem, so I had to get one.

Second I am selling my R/C car and some stuff on EBay. Here’s the link:
This is the first thing I am selling. I’m selling my Nintendo Wii and a lot of extras eventually. Got to get some of this crap out, and I could use the money. Maybe if I get enough I’ll get a PS3.

Other than that, the Mets shit the bed, Penn State is kicking ass, the Giants look good, and I am almost not caring about the Red Bulls at this point.

One good thing: my money is in Bank of America, a safe bank. And seeing the pissing contest the government and the presidential candidates are having while the country rockets into a depression, I’m not sure if anyone’s money is safe at this point. No one is qualified to be president, and it’s scary where this country is going and THIS is what we have to choose from??? A senile old nut that chose some religious skank who wants rape victims to pay for the rape kit. And she’s one heartbeat away from running this country. McCain is also just a puppet for his party, and that means the religious assholes will ruin this country in the same selfish manner they have been for the past decade, and have no shame in it because they will hide behind that glorified Harry Potter novel, called the Bible, and say it’s “God’s will.’ Fuck God’s will and lets do things right and tangible. The other option is a smooth talking guy who screams vague ideas and won’t back it up. First off, you know who is also smooth talking? Pimps. So in essence people are going to vote for someone that is almost like a pimp, just this pimp’s “ho” is one giant stereotypical black woman, who I can’t ever take seriously.