by Peter Marus

nothing new with me. Just felt like writing something here before I get some sleep. I can't believe that MLS' season starts soon, and that it's going to be their tenth season. Time seems to be flying by. I remember the first game I went to in 1996. It was Metro against the Tampa Bay Mutiny. I got to see the most memorable goal in the shistory of the metros (Gio Savarese's bycicle kick to tiem teh's up on's site in the media section I believe). I have tons of memories following this team, but that sticks out in my mind.

My fantasy league started up tonight with our draft, and n the first round (each round has three picks, and each round is like every other day so the guy running it has time to update rosters and stuff), and so far I got all the picks I wanted, so things are looking good so far. THis is the first year I'm doing this guys fantasy league, and it looks like it's gonig to be interesting (I play teams in my league, and in Cup matches against other teams from other leagues....hard to explain since it's hard for me to understand what the hell the guy wrote about the setup!!!)

My paperwight of a computer is still shot, I hacen't even looked at it all week. I hope this weekend to take a look at it and run this software I'm getting to hopefully clean it up....otherwise I may not be in a festive, religious mood on Easter!!!