by Peter Marus

I am watching the MLS game between the LA teams-The Galaxy and Chivas. What irritates me is that MLS markets this game as the “Superclassico”, or the big rivalry in the league. It's a crock of shit that is being forced down the US soccer fan's throat because both teams play in the same stadium, and Beckham is a part of one of the teams. Here are the rivalries MLS SHOULD market, since they all have a legit history and real hatred between the teams: NY/DC, NY/NE, CHI/Columbus, Dallas/Houston, Salt Lake/Colorado, an to a point NY/Chi, NE/DC, NE/Houston, SJ/LA (if the fans still hate each other like they did before the old SJ team left for Houston). Also making me want to puke is the lovefest of the Galaxy, like they are a superclub or something. They haven't' one jack, but because of a slick media ploy, they are the darlings of the league. I hope beckham has a compound fracture and has to retire, so I can stop hearing about the LA Galaxy, and the glorified retard Lalas who is being made to look like a genius because he signed Beckham. He's fucked over two teams in his career, hopefully he does it with LA as well. He's on his way-most of the salary cap that he maxed out is with Beckham Ruiz, and Donovan so he has no room to work with if they get hurt and has to sign someone to fill in.

Oh, and since I mentioned the Galaxy, I am required to say this; Fuck Landon Donovan. I hope the same wish I just did on Beckham. He's still a pussy-whipped sissy, that realized he's at best above-average as a player. Sure he does OK in the league and for the US team (though when he scores for the US, I never clap or cheer for him), but when he had the opportunity to show he can play with real men, he cried like a bitch he was homesick and threw a tantrum to come back to MLS. First off, the opportunity he pissed away in Germany he had since he was a teenager, when he signed with Leverkusen at age 18 (which he did by choice, he didn't have a gun to his head forcing him to sign). He had several years to prove himself in a top league, but he fell on his face. So he gets loaned to MLS and does well. I actually liked him a little when he was first in MLS. Then Leverkusen recalled him and Donovan went back thinking he was somebody and will be given a spot on the first team. Funny thing is that in Europe, no matter if you are a star or a scrub, you have to earn your spot. Little Landon couldn't cut it for the most part, made an embarrassment of himself, and cried about it. He was saying how homesick he was (read: his chick wouldn't come with him and he wasn't getting his ass kissed in Germany), so after a few bitching spells, MLS bought his contract, and gave him to LA. So now his overrated ass is in LA, and he hasn't improved as a player. If he was a real player, he would have stuck it out in Europe, found another team, and worked to improve himself, rather than take the easy way out. That's my biggest point of anger with him. He is a gifted player, but he chooses not to improve on it.

Didn't want to write so much about Landonpussy, but it just flowed. I did get a nice surprise yesterday, Mariokart Wii was on sale at a store two days earlier than the official release date, and I got a copy. It comes with a plastic wheel you put the wii remote in, and for the most part it works, but not totally needed. So far the game is like any Mariokart game. Still hate the “I'm in the lead, and everyone can kill me with shells and lightning bolts to put me closer to the field” AI, but overall it's a fun game. I can't wait to play in online with people, and I”ll put my code up when I get around to looking at it. It still has battle mode and all the fun stuff.