by Peter Marus

did a little updating on the right side of the page, put new links up, took some down, check it out.

Ah, just shaved and looked at myself in the mirror, and damn I look good. Then again I always look good so me saying that I look good is a moot point. Also women are all intimidated by my good looks, at least that's the theory I am running on. Anyway looks like the presidential race is finally set, with Obama getting enough delegates to represent the Democrats and now he faces McCain who represents the Republicans. All this talk about delegate counts and popular votes, mean nothing. All that stuff is in an election is a front for the Illuminati, and the people who are of the Illuminati will pull the strings to make it look like a legit election, even though they already have the next president picked out. Remember the Illuminati run the country behind the scenes, and the idea of a free election is just something to appease the common people to make them think they have a say in the country's matters. Look at all the politicians and their backgrounds. They all are in the same clubs back in college, and their social circle is a small group of the elite in this country. Call it coincidence if you want, but I see the truth.

I am finally over that monster cold I had. It's the cold I usually get when the weather changes greatly. That means now it's going to stay warm for the next few months. It looks like it's going to get really hot soon, so that means I have to break out the A/C. This year I am getting myself a new one. Not for some stupid, but honorable, reason like new ones are better for the environment, but my old one sounds like a jet engine when it turns on, and vibrates in my window-which is so soothing at night when you have to get up at 3 in the fucking morning. While I'm out, I'm also going to look at home theater systems for the living room. I have my Apple TV hooked up and all my video game systems all hooked up, now all I need is some bad ass audio to complete it.

Ed McMahon is going to have his house foreclosed. What a sad state of this country when he is homeless and also a good lesion what alcoholism can do to one in life.

Finally, I was given a site by someone that makes me proud the US won World War II. Let's just say its a video site, and one small detail wasn't told to me about it. On the main page, some videos (mostly German and Japanese Videos) are on it occasionally where one person is “shamed” in the most degrading way one can think a person can be shamed. It's stuff like this that makes me realize that whoever loses a war takes it hard psychologically, and they can't get over it and always feel lower than the victor (well, not economically since Germany and Japan are kicking the US's ass in economic matters-Oh wait they have no defense budget pay for since we protect them). Like I said, I'm glad that the US won the war, and the porn in our country is for the most part normal.