by Peter Marus

Hello all, Merry Kissmas!!! I forgot this piece of garbage promotion on my list last entry. It's done by a lot of classic rock stations and VH-! Classic cable channel. What it is for the most part is featuring Kiss and their music (or in VH-1's case-showing every live concert Kiss recorded). First off, Kiss is almost as big of a joke in rock as Styx or Journey. Gene Simmons is probably one of the greatest bullshit artists out there, and he has a knack of whoring out the Kiss name on anything (for God's sake, they have a Kiss Coffin). When I hear of Kissmas, I thought “damn Gene Simmons bought Christmas?!?!?! I guess the Jews now own and run everything now!!”

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and got what they wanted. I got some nice stuff, but one thing I sorta wanted I didn't get, but oh well I'll move on. I was surprised with how many people weren't cool with my gift, or at least the amount of it. But it was nice to give what I can, and make other happy. Most of the time people respect and appreciate all I do, other times people don't get it and usually aren't around me long after that. Of course I got one thing I appreciate getting, Call of Duty 4, but thought was a gag gift sine I have nothing to play it on due to my Xbox shitting the bed. That will change soon, maybe Friday when I go buy a new Xbox. Why aren't I sending my system out to get fixed? First I never registered it, so that is a problem. Second, I want a brand new system since I don't' trust refurbished ones, plus the new ones have HDMI capabilities.

One gift I got from my Aunt and Uncle was a six-pack of beer from a Long Island brewery. I believe the name of it is Blue Point Toasted Lager. I haven't tried it yet, but if the saying is true that a beer is like the women where it is brewed, this beer is either going to be one that goes down easily, and aims to please, or it's going to be overrated, tasteless and irritating where no enjoyment is present.

I will be drinking this beer, along with whatever beer I have left form the other day, while watching the Giants-Pats game Saturday night. It' nice to see that the game went from being broadcasted on only one obscure channel, to every goddamn channel now!!! As long as I get it in HD, I'm in good shape. I'm conflicted though; I am a Giants fan all my life, but I sorta want to see the Pats go undefeated. I respect the Pats and how they have ran their organization. Either way it should be the only good game this week. Since the playoffs are pretty much set, this last week of the regular season is almost a fifth preseason game, with all the scrubs that are going to be playing most of the games.

If he didn't die, I'd love to see NFL or the broadcasting networks try to tie-in former wrestler “Mr/ Perfect” Curt Henning into some vignettes or promos about the Pats. Speaking of wrestlers, maybe I'll write about my all-time favorite bad-guy wrestlers form years ago.

Right now I'm watching something of the History Channel about the Latin Kings street gang-always good to learn about one's neighbors..