by Peter Marus

Well Metros played at GS tonight (and won) and I didn’t go…again. It’s not that I don’t like the team or anything, but I don’t want to spend money that I don’t have. I’ll be a season ticket holder again once I get a job to pay for them. I also don’t want to go to games because I don’t escape from my problems anymore like I used to. I’m constantly reminded that I don’t have money to fully enjoy the game as much as I used to whenever I go to a game, and that I don’t have the time to reconnect with my friends that I’ve met through soccer. It sort of hurts that some of these people are out for themselves, especially after I went out of my way to help them out. I’ve helped pay for some people’s bus trips to NE or DC and I still get disrespected (they’ve played the Penn State Football sucks down so much, even Satan has to look down to see it), and don’t get me started about the leadership of the ESC. I’ve done a lot and invested a lot of money into the ESC, and I’ve rarely gotten a thanks or recognition from them. I don’t know if its because the leaders have so much on their plates (which I’ve said isn’t a good idea and they should get more people involved-but again I get treated like a second class citizen for suggesting that), or it’s because I, god forbid, have other interests that means I can’t treat metro/soccer with the attention a Trekkie fan devotes to Star Trek, but it pisses me off that I pay to join this club and WANT to help bring back the atmosphere that was present in our club in the past yet I am looked at like I’m retarded or something.

Speaking of jobs, I applied for a temp gig at an agency, and now I may get a job at the agency. They’re looking for a HR assistant and they called to see if I was still looking for a job. I’m supposed to have an interview with them next week, but I still have to hear back from the person I’m supposed to interview with (the guy that called said he’ll give my info to the woman since he’s not going to be around next week to interview me). Other than that, I still got to call some other agencies to tell them I want to register with them and set up appointments.

What else is going on….well not much, just spent today working around the house and taking down some gates and things that were up for the dog. Really hit me that he’s not around anymore. Also sat around today watched some auto racing and soccer. Tomorrow I hope to drive to some hobby shops to look around, I hate sitting around the house.

that's all I got tonight, what do you expect on a Sat. night???