by Peter Marus

I got some tings on my mind but I want to first get something that I found funny to watch. Public access in Nyc is interesting to say the least. Sure most of the shows are crap, but I found one that I fine entertaining. Its called “Drinking with Bob”. It's done by a comedian and his friends, and he rants about current events in an in-your-face style....think of a low-rent version of the old Denis Leary MTV commercials. That's not a bad thing, it's simple and funny. His site is, and on there are his rants form the past and some other interesting things.

Now to something a little more serious. I am getting sick of the publicity whores Rev Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson. These two have been banging the drum of trouble the past week over first the Michael Richards issue and now the Queens Shooting recently (Google it to find out what happened, not in the mood to write about it here). They have pretty much been calling for a race riot over the issue, and if that should happen I hope the cops arrest these two for inciting it. Mayor Bloomburg hasn't helped the situation when yesterday he got in front of the press and claimed that this was something that hasn't been proven yet since the investigation just started. This is so wrong on so many levels and could lead to a wrong conclusion like when Bloomburg said the attack in Howard beach by “fat Nick” (again, Google it if you don't know what I am talking about) was a hate crime when nothing of that was proven. Eventually it was tried as a hate crime and it was partly due to his statement. Why would Bloomburg suddenly just give a statement that makes his own cops look bad? Simple: “White guilt”

See, “White Guilt” is when the Whites will just fold before any minority group in an argument and give them what they want since whites in theory feel bad for the past oppressions. I think it' bullshit and that there is NO reason for “White Guilt” anymore. Whites shouldn't feel like they “owe” anyone anything. This is what is happening in society and it's making people pussies. I learned the best way to live now is to call these pussies out on their crap, and you will succeed. As long as you know whet you want and stand for, you can make these pussies go away and the world can finally be ran the way it should be. Call me whatever you want, but I will no longer give into their guilt trip minorities try to pull on me. As far as I'm concerned, all people are equal to me, no more no less. Why should I treat someone different since they have a different shade of skin color. To me, no matter what race you are, you are an asshole.

Side note from a conversation I had today: The Jews aren't a race, they are a religion and they have to STOP calling themselves a race. I can choose to be a Jew, but I can't choose to be Latino. Israeli Jews claim this the most, but in reality they are Arabs with European blood mixed in. I hate hearing that they are some race that was chosen by God. Yes this was an interesting conversation in a bank..but I”ll let you figure out the punchline of that joke.

Speaking of Jokes, the Michael Richards issue is really stupid. What all that was about was a hack comic that lost control of the crowd and eventually losing his cool, and showed how much he sucks when he isn't riding Seinfeld's coat-tails. The way the people are complaining, you'd think he actually hung a black man on stage. To tell you how much the Black community is fighting this, the only major black comics that came out against him have been Sinbad and Monique (whoever she is). That's the best they can do!!!

ok I think I said enough tonight...