by Peter Marus

I"m drunk right now, so i'll keep it was a good day. Got up at 7 this morning, after sleeping for the longest I have in a week (since 11pm last night). Got up and went into my living room to watch some EPL soccer. I turn it on, and lo nd behold....MAN U IS ON!!!! thi is big because this is the first time I am going to get to see a game live on tv (usualy I have to catch the replay of the previous week's game on Wed.) So I was amped, and after a fantastic showing Man U came out on top 2-0. So this was a fine start to the day. After, I went showered, shaved, and felt even better. I had to go to the hospital to see my aunt who was rushed there earlier in the morning. After visiting her, I came home and hung out.
My parents had a bunch of their old friends come over for dinner. SO after drinking and eating, I was stuffed and drunk. I go to my room and go online. After talking to a bunch of people (and apparently making them feel better, or so they say), I called someone and talked to them for over an hour. While all this, I was watching the Mosely-WInky fight on HBO. It was a good fight, where I thoght either guy could have won, but WInky won (and how badass are you that you have the nickname WInky, but he could kick my ass everyday of the week, and twice on SUnday). SO now I"m typing this and I"m going to go to bed soon.