by Peter Marus

This is the first entry on my new Imac. I got it today and got it setup within an hour and a half one all the files and settings were migrated over to it from my old Macbook. It took a little longer with getting the back up program setup since it didn’t recognize the older backups from the old computer.
Here’s a pic of my setup that I took with my Iphone

my impressions so far:
-The 20-inch IMac is huge. It startled me a couple times as I entered the room at first. I could only imagine what it would have been like if I got the 24 inch one. One think I like with the larger screen (about 7 inches bigger), is I have room on the screen for multiple applications at once. I feel like what the Romans did when the conquered the world-“Ah, breathing room!”

-Once again, unpacking an Apple product was almost a pleasure. I should take some pics of the box and show how simple it is to get it unpacked and setup. Even pairing the keyboard and mouse was easy. Running the Migration Assistant program to move my files over was a piece of cake-plug in a FireWire cable, put the laptop in different mode, and click Start-the program did the rest in about 90 minutes or so.

-Speaking of the keyboard and mouse, they are something I have to get used to. The mouse is their Mighty Mouse, and it has several buttons. It’s a pain to use at first but I adapted quickly. I set it up the way I want as far as button assignments, and it’s going well. I’m just not used to using one on a Mac due to my macbook having a track pad. The keyboard is aluminum and about the same size of the laptop’s. Some of the F buttons do different things, but overall it works well and is set up like it was on my MacBook for the most part, so there’s a level of familiarity. Both are wireless, so it’s nice to not have the cables cluttering up the area

-I like that everything is wired into it and not all wireless. The Internet connection is wired via Ethernet, but I keep the wireless card on so I can communicate with the Apple TV. I have my external hard drive hooked in via FireWire so backups will happen in intervals and I don’t have to worry about it. I have the sync /charge cable for the Iphone and the USB cable for the printer hooked in. It looks all nice and neat behind my computer-something that never happens with a PC unless you spend a lot of time working on it.

Finally I wanted to share some Christmas cheer, this video warms my cockles. A true classic and a shame it didn’t’ turn out the way I’m sure most wish it did with a corpse.