by Peter Marus

I downloaded the new Korn album that came out today, and all I can say is that it is good, think Nine Inch Nails more than the old Korn stuff, but still it is a good hard rock album. For the most part I like all the tracks on it, though a couple of them are a little slow. I've been listening to all my music I put on my computer and I forgot how good my music was. I have it set to shuffle, so whoever has my IM address and is looking at my music selection, it's quite an interesting group of songs.

I just noticed it's August now, and that means in a couple weeks is my vacation. The only thing I have planned is shaving the mustache part of my goatee off just to change things up. I'm doing it on my vacation so if it looks stupid to me (who's opinion only really matters), I have a week to start growing it in. Other than that, I have nothing really planned. So if one of you want me to visit for the day or a couple days, and it's not gong to cost me a ton to show up, let me know and I'll see if I think you are worth adding to the itinerary. Also August is my birthday on the 29th. Not sure what's going to happen with that, maybe go drink the weekend before or after, who th hell knows. What do I want?? nothing in particular, at least not what one can get for me. I have something I would love to have happen on my B-day but realistically it would never happen, learned that a couple times in the past.

My podcast idea has grown some legs. Got someone interested in doing it, but it's more of a logistics thing that needs a lot of work. Maybe one day I'll get a chance to sit down and figure this shit out.