by Peter Marus

I wrote this in the afternoon when I had a break, by the time you probably read this I am alseep because i have to go into work for my 5th straight double shift this week. Sorta sucks but at the same time it's a lot of OT, and that ain't bad.

Fist off I wanted to share some songs I seem to listen to a lot on my Itunes:
“This Life” by Sevendust-I almost cry every time I hear this song, it's got to be the most beautiful song I've ever heard.
“Beg To Differ” by Sevendust-another awesome song
“Hold On” by Korn-just a good song off their new album
“I just don't know what to do with myself” The White Stripes-an awesome cover of a Burt Bacarach song
“Little Acorns” by The White Stripes-just like the song
“Breed” by Nirvana-one of my favorite all time songs

My birthday was this week, and I had a nice dinner with some family. It was a good time. Thank you all who sent their well-wishes. Got a few cards and some giftcards. I did a lot of thinking about the past year of my life and I came to realize I'm one lucky bastard to have what I got at this time. Sure most of it I worked my ass off for, but still there had to be quite a bit of luck to have everything fall into place. My job for example went form a temp position to a permanent one over the year. Most would say I earned it with all the work I did, but I also believe I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Now I'm in a somewhat stable gig, pretty good money, and some good benefits. How many people in this world can say that?

I also feel lucky to have the right people around my as far as friends and family. They support me in a lot of the things I do, and if they have a problem with what I am doing, they at least respect my choices. I do a lot for them and they do a lot for me, but we aren't asking a lot from each other. I am especially lucky and fortunate to have someone back in my life that I was convinced would never be a part of my life again. Right now we are taking steps to see where this could all lead to, and although they do feel like huge steps (hell, us talking again is one hell of a step), they are nothing more than baby steps in the larger picture of the dark unknown that is the future. I have no clue where it is going to lead to, but right now I'm taking it all in stride, and I am excited and interested in seeing where it goes.

Side note: As far as those who know about the the whole thing goes, you may all have your opinions about me and her trying this all over, and you are all entitled to them both good or bad, Just know that the only opinions that matter in this whole thing as far as I am concerned are mine and hers. I can care less who thinks what, just respect that it's out choice to try this thing again.

OK I”m done writing tonight. I am just happy and grateful to have all that I for in my life. I don't know if I really deserve all this, but I stopped questioning things. Things happen for a reason, and one has to just go for the ride and make sure they make the right decisions and choices when they come up. I am truly a lucky man. Thank you all who help make it possible