by Peter Marus

Today, I got to help my cousin out moving some stuff of his to a storage space (proving what Denis Leary said once, "Guys, If you plan on getting married.....put your sh*t in storage, you'll have no say in the interior decoration of your place!!!). SO we got a van, filled it with stuff (mostly his comic collection, along with whatecer stuff he wanted) and put in his space. He got a small spot for $55, which for what other places were charging for the same size spot, isn't that bad.

came home after that, made some lunch and watched the "Superclassico" (Argentina's River Plate and Boca Juniors). This is a big deal there since both are the most storied teams in the country. IT's like when the NY Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers played here in NYC...fierce rivals with passionate fans. Well After this, got to watch the NY football Giants take the lead, and blow it and lose to the Chicago Bears.

What an exciting life I live huh?