by Peter Marus

I am going to write about something that is near and dear to my heart. I can care less if you like it or not, but I at least hope you can relate to it on some level.

I am sitting here watching Fox Soccer Channel, and they have the MLS Wester conference final on. I'm watching it and I am angry. Not at either team, just how shitty Red Bull New York?Metrostars have shat the bed over and over again in their entire history.

I have supported the Metros since they started in 96. Since then I believe that the team has gone through the most number of players on their roster. See, whoever that has ran the team (first Metromedia, then Anshultz Entertainment Group, and now Red Bull) has had this “win now” attitude. This is a common attitude/problem with most teams in the NY area. The thing about this attitude is that most of the time it doesn't work. Wholesale changes causes instability and pressure on players that will lead them to not play their best, or try too hard and come off as a bad player. I am looking at the two teams playing now, Kansas City and Houston, and I can name at least 6 players on the field, and probably two or three others on the benches that Metro/Red Bull has had on their roster at some point. Most of these players were here and didn't' play too well, or the team had the “bet the farm” attitude on one player and sent several young players to either team (and all the other teams in the league-I think at least one player on each roster has played for Metro/RB) to make cap room or satisfy a trade for one player that in the end was a complete failure.

Its this instability that is killing the team. Look at the New England team that won the Easter Conference. Their roster has been on the team for several years, and the chemistry that developed form the consistency of the roster has led to the team being the best in the league. You never hear them having a fire sale just to get one player that is perceived to be better because he plays in a foreign league. This crap doesn't affect the team on the field, but also in the stands. Look at any MLS game that is not played in NY, and you'll see an awesome atmosphere. This is from the building the team the “right way”, a d having a group of good players that work together, and not a bunch of overpaid old has-beens that want the ball and the attention who were brought in to pander to the local ethnic group in the area.

Why do I still support this team? Its the only professional tam in the area and that's better than nothing. It's almost like the “battered wife” syndrome, where she stays with the guy who breaks her heart and beats her up emotionally. But at the same time she feels like this is the only guy she can get and that's better than nothing. SO I will continue to go to RBNY games, but it is getting to the point where I am getting worn out of paying several hundred dollars for something that I am not getting the satisfaction I used to get from them in the beginning, and they don't care about that.