by Peter Marus

Had the best breakfast I've had in years today. Helped that the company was so great. Today I met up with someone I've been talking to for a while now. I get to the diner and waited for a bit for her, and I was nervous. I don't know why, since we talk so much and we have a lot in common and we always make each other smile. I guess it's that natural thing of the unknown. She calls me on my phone and says she's in the parknig lot (I guess she got there early as I of the many things we have in common) When she came around the corner, all I could think of was "well, those pictures of her really didnt' fo her justice".

So after the inital contact, all my nervousness went out the window and I was cool. So we sit down and I still couldn't get over how good she looked (which made her sort of uncomfortable since I was staring at her, but I couldn't help it). The good part was that the whole time we talked, and I was able to make her smile and laugh, so I guess I did my job then. I have to say that after we sat there, ate, and talked. The time seemed to go too fast, and it was time to leave. So after we were done, she gave me a ride home and scared the hell out of me (she almost ran a stop sign, nothing major you know!!!) So after she dropped me off, she was on my mind all day, and still all I got to do is figure out an encore for the next time we hang out!!!
This week looks like it's going to be intersting, sometime this week I'm going to go to the temp agnecies I'm registered with and reetest, maybe make me grades better and help meget a shot at a job. Also Thursday, there's a job fair in Manhattan I plan on goig to (it starts at 10 AM, so I figure I'll get there about 7 to try and get in line early).
So things are looking up for me....