by Peter Marus

God I'm tired. I haven't slept more than 4 hours last night, and for some reason, I can't sleep right now. Guess with everything that's going on has kept me awake. I did get to see our government do that BS show to pander for votes in FORCING the right-to-die issue back into a court that (along with every other court this case has been in) ruled that the husband could take the feeding tube out of her. I can't believe that this is such a pressing issue that our entire country shuts down and debates this frivolous (in the eyes of 99.5% of the people) issue. This is the problem having zealots running this country. Crap like this is made the big issue and the real problems (like how to fix this economy, how can we get our troops out of areas where we shouldn't be in, minor things like that) are put to the backburner. It's crap like this that makes me ASHAMED to be an American.

It's also these kinds of people make me ASHAMED to say I follow a major religion. After the past 5 years, I have to agree that religion is nothing more than a crutch for the weak-minded, as former Gov. Jesse Ventura once said. To see some of these followers is sad. A lot of them expect God to show them the way in EVERY aspect of their lives, no matter how wrong or right the decision is and how it may affect others around them. Ironic that they say they follow God and everything, but they do it in the most selfish way, something God is apparently against.

I personally an Catholic, butI am like most Catholics...I do the right thing, and may not follow all the rules, but the rules I do follow are the major ones. I see some of thse people who call themselves Catholics (like the Catholic league and "organizations" like them), and it sickens me. These, like many other fringe, cult elements in most organized religion, are the ones that maek the most noise and try to make it so that they are the "face" of their respective religions. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE SANE, NORMAL PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW IT!!! These are the people that pray for the guy that shoots up the abortion doctors that his soul is saved by God, but that the Doctor's gets condemned to hell for his sinful work. What really scares me is that these people are in out government, and they have direct access to the highest ranking officials to get their borderline facist agenda (another Ironic thing; we apparently have free will in religion, but that's only allowed when we choose to do what the religion approves)

Enough of my rant. I will be proud to call myself an American on Sunday. The US is playing Mexico in Mexico on Easter Sunday. I'll have to catch the result somewhere else though, since I highly doubt that I'll be able to watch any of it Sunday. I was actually close to going down to see the game, only thinng stopping me is I got no money for the plane ride and can't get a passport so quickly. Oh well, I just hope that the US can make the Mexicans into Mexicants!!!