by Peter Marus

some random things (by the way, I”m doing much better since my last entry, helps when work is kicking your ass to keep you from dwelling on shit).

-Tomorrow I splurge on the new Mac OS X Operating system Leopard. I saw the demo video on Apple's site, and I have got to have it. It's got some sweet features I will find useful (look at the video or the site for it and look at “spaces” and “time machine-you WISH Windows would have it...wait they will after they steal those programs for their newer over prices, buggy POS).

-Ever see the Ipod touch commercial? It's got that addictive song in it. Well thanks to, I found out the name of the song, and thanks to Itunes (which is like crack sometimes-like today for me) I now own the song. It's titled “Music is my Hot Hot Sex” by CSS. Itunes makes it too damn easy to blow money on music. While I was on there, I finally got around to getting “I'm Shipping of to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys (another song stuck in my head for a while). Also earlier last week I got the new Skindred Album “Roots Rock Riot”. It's a really good album if you are into the band, which is a rock/reggae hybrid (funny fact, the band is from the hotbed of reggae, Wales). Thank God podcasts are free, I subscribed to at least 6 of them, and also thank God I got a huge Ipod hard drive!!!

-as I always say ladies: skirt plus boots equals sexy to me. Bonus a nice sweater showing off you assets.

-A-rod is going to talk to the Mets. Now if the Mets are dumb enough to sign the Championship repellant and locker room cancer, I may have to seriously consider emigrating full time to the Red Sox nation (I always did like them-any team that hates the Yankees as much as the Mets is ok with me). Guess that line made some people look at this a little differently!!!

-best line from Opie and Anthony today by Jimmy Norton talking about former MLB pitcher Jim Abbot today: “...let's see how you fast you are you no patty-cake playing muthafucker” (he started his rant about hitting line drives to him to see if he can get his glove on his good hand fast enough to catch it).