by Peter Marus

Changes are a comin'.....

Yeah There is going to be a few changes, and after looking into some stuff, I"m making some changes here. First I will be going to get Mobile Me and use that as my personal email address, and use it to make a small site for myself-along with the disk storage and other cool features. I am also going to change some of this blog around.

What does this mean to you? the people who read this?

not much really. I will be changing the name and the URL slightly to streamline stuff. Content isn't going to change, so expect the same garbage as before. I found I can change the URL and name, and just link that to my new site with little difficulty. the old URL will still work from what I understand, so you lazy dolt don't have to do a thing.

As I said I will have a new email address for my personal emails. I'll send an email out about that when I get things up and running. As far as my current email address, I"m keeping that as my "junk" address-the one I give for websites and other stuff. Luckily I can have all that mail forwarded to my new address, and properly deleted immediately. Maybe at some point I will get rid of the account, but for a while it will be active.

This isn't a sudden thing. It's going to take a few weeks or so. I may setup things as early as this weekend to get the ball rolling, but those who I think should know, will.