by Peter Marus

Ok, since the last time I wrote something here, I had a horrible Feb. 14th, and during that day I kept thinking Capone had a great idea as far as celebrating that day. Nothing starts a day and a 12 hour shift off right when one opens an email to read that you are now on the way side because someone can't handle a small problem in their life. But enough about that, since in the end things turned out OK.

This past weekend was expensive. I spent almost $450 on my car due to a shot starter and new battery. I owe my cousin big for helping move my car to get it towed to the shop, damn near killed him!! Hopefully Friday night things will be considered even, but seeing how half assed the event is being setup, i hope we can get into the place due to the rumored over distribution of tickets!!!

Xm and sirius are getting together, but I doubt it will happen. There's a lot I could write about this but I'm not in the mood to. Simply put, the FCC issued two licenses for that part of the spectrum, and they made a law that said not one company will hold both licenses That means the new company would at least give up one of them and really cannibalize the content and sound quality, but that would lead to a lot of the subs to go away. It should be interesting in the next year to see what happens. Like I said, I doubt it would happen, but with the corruption during the Bush admin. With a lot of the Gov. agencies, I wouldn't be shocked.

That's it, it stinks I know but it's something new to read here