by Peter Marus

What a good couple of days. Apparently, hell froze over and the Metros are getting their own stadium. AEG (who own Metro) is putting up like $80 million for it, and hopefully by 2007 it will be opening (I am skeptical with any news Metro, I wouldn’t believe it’s built until the first game).

As far as my job news, well nothing really. I haven’t heard back from TSA yet about my test, I should hear about it this week. I have to call the temp agencies this week to find out anything. I’m still pissed about the situation with my last supposed assignment, but I hope that more come up.

Personally, things really turned for the positive. You ever get an email or a correspondence that just changes you attitude about someone? I got one of those the other day, and let me tell you; it’s nice to be wanted!!!