by Peter Marus

How the hell are you all!!! I'm working my ass off, but that's a good thing I guess. I've been given another floor to worry about, so it's one down about 5 more to go. It' snot that bad, but I have some issue with my co worker right now that I may have to a least try to settle tomorrow. I would have done it sooner, but my bosses said they were going to talk to her today, and after they did, it almost had no affect on her. I also wanted my bosses to talk to her since they are a hell of a lot more diplomatic than I am, and those who know me and how I talk to others know that it's never really a good thing to let m speak....sure I will get eh point across, but it's not the most friendly way.

Other things going on in my life are going ok. I am slowly learning Spanish, but I really can't devote a lot of time lately to do it. I come home from work so tired I just what to eat and rest. I am trying to get some time in during the morning, but it seems work always monopolize my time-either having to go in early or communicate with people about something going on. Damn I'm tired. I'd love to take a day off form work, but the people in my department are stretched as it is, I really can't put the burden on someone else. Iā€m hoping once the rest of the floors are done, maybe I can get a day off.

The Mets started off well last night. They are undefeated baby!!! People like to say that the Mets did have a shaky spring, but that's a worthless thing to gauge a team. I barely pay attention to any preseason of any team. The only news I pay attention is injuries, and as long as that is a low amount of news, the preseason is going well.

This is where I bitch about something else about my life, but I will real point right no and not in the mood to vent...

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