by Peter Marus

Today's Father's day, and I hope those who have Fathers (or know who he is) did take sometime to say something nice to him...or at the very least didn't say anything as mean as you usually do to him. This year I know a bunch of new fathers I got a call from a new father this afternoon and we were talking how his life changed. It was cool to talk to him, since my dumbass didn't get to call him since his daughter's birth due to schedule and quite honestly laziness. He sounded good, considering he is a new first time father. Also today went to my dad's grave, where I put some flowers on it, and said my prayer. Overall it was a good time, though still sad that I have to visit him there and not at home alive. It's gotten easier somewhat to go up there, but I doubt it will ever become “easy” to go there.

This morning it hit me that I also know some who have lost their fathers this past year as well. I was going to contact a couple of them, particularly one who I haven't talked to in months and just to be the nice guy and all, but I chose not to. I chose not to because I refuse to feel bad for everyone else anymore, and I also found a quote from someone that I feel sums up how I feel about people now. it's “Never make someone a priority when you are only an option!”. I read this and it just struck me funny, but it is as true as anything I have ever read. This can apply to any type of relationships you have, professional, personal, or family. After reflecting on this quote again, I chose not to even think of contacting this person, and that means ever again. It was a calming feeling to come to this point, and I feel much better. Gotta thank the person who did bring this quote to my attention, it has helped me look at a lot of things in a better light.