by Peter Marus

I think I am getting sick. I’ve been out the past couple days and nights in the cooler weather in short sleeves and shorts sometimes. My throat is scratchy and I think that could be more for all the talking I have had done.

I spent today at the Unemployment office today. I had to go there to hand in my resume and see the counselor. In short she took my resume, asked a bunch of questions, and entered it into a computer. She also gave me a list of websites to look for jobs on, which are sites I already use. It was to me a waste of time, but I had to do it. What pissed me off today was my temp agency called me today as I was there but I couldn’t answer the call. I get home to call them back, and it turned out they had an assignment for me, but they filled it not long before I called. Oh well, them’s the breaks. I am getting a little frazzled with this job hunt, but I’m trying my best to keep positive. Hopefully it will change soon and I will be employed.

What made me laugh lately were a couple comedy albums I got. I got Bill Burr’s “Why do I do this?”, and Robert Kelly’s “Just the Tip”. Both comedians are funny dudes, and these albums are good. Comedy is a great art form. It can really put perspective on different things. It can make me look at things in a different light, or just see how stupid some subjects are. Also they say laughter is the best medicine, and with how things are lately, I need a laugh every so often. As much as I like to laugh, I find myself liking to make others laugh. It’s a cool feeling to see someone show joy or a positive emotion that you caused the person to feel. Also in a weird way, it’s a sense of power, in that you caused someone’s mood and/or emotions to change with what you said or did.

And on that sappy note, I had nothing tonight I guess. Blog post….FAIL