by Peter Marus

So Elliot Spitzer got caught up in a prostitution ring. Turns out that Mr. Goody-two shoes had a liking for high priced hos, paying over 4 grand an hour on these skanks. Well on the bright side, at least he didn't' come out of the closet like certain other states.

That brings up something I've always said: the whiter the sheets, the darker the shadow underneath it. Anyone who seems to come out for morality and values seems to have the darkest, creepiest problems. the head of one of the biggest Evangelical church in Colorado, one of the most conservative sects of religion, turns out was into Meth and had a male hooker he went to. Then there was the senator found in the bathroom looking for some man love. He was one of the real conservatives who wanted to ban homosexuality. Of course there's all those Catholic Priests who were nothing but kid touchers. look at history and you'll see that many of America's racists and slave owners had a little Jungle Fever.

You know who is happy about this? Everyone in the State of New York. He sold out so many people to gain political power. Wall Street cheered when the news came out, since it was Spitzer pushed all the laws that has cost a lot of people money and jobs. He also screwed over the radio and music industry, and anyone who made money and didn't feel bad doing it. I don't feel bad for him, and if I had my way, I'd make him take a low-level job in one of these companies that he destroyed, and make it so he can't advance and can only make no more than 25K a year.

I am interested to see what comes out in details. Maybe he had a think for various foreign objects, animals, or something to make this story sexier. Anyway that's all I got tonight. Sorry for the lackluster entry, but sometimes I have gold, sometimes I don't.