by Peter Marus

Ah what a great day. Went into Manhattan this morning to interview with the temp agency Career Blazers. Got out of the train station and the skies opened up. I try to open my umbrella and it broke!!!! You get some attention screaming out loud “Son of a bitch!!!’ in a busy train station….Well I get to the agency soaking wet, have my interview after filling out the mountain of paperwork. The interview went well, and I this was one of the few agencies I have gone to and felt confident in their abilities. After testing I left and came home. Tomorrow I am going to Hoboken to talk to another agency. The funny part is Career Blazers and this one in Jersey, Northpointe, called me after seeing my resume on They both called me yesterday to set up appointments and asked about my work history, which they were impressed with it (long story, just glad that I know people who got my back…). Funny part was Career Blazers wanted me to write all this info down, but the minor fact I was fighting traffic on the Whitestone Expressway meant my hands were full. They were cool enough to email me al the details I needed. Northpointe called me later in the day and when they gave me all the info I needed. I asked the big question; how far are you form the Hoboken train station (if they were far away, I wouldn’t go…I’m not driving to Hoboken where parking is worse than Ridgewood Queens). My luck hit good when they said they were a block from the station.

I’m getting a little excited about the prospects, but I still don’t want to get too excited if things don’t pan out. By the end of the summer, when all the interns that companies don’t pay go back to school, the temp market should pick up.

So I get home and was cleaning out some shelves, and I found something I totally forgot about. It was a gift certificate I got for Christmas from someone (no name on it, but probably my sister). It was for $25 from Circuit City. I decided to see how much left was on it (since places like to rape you and make the value go down without you knowing). Lo and behold, it was still $25. I had some other money in my pocket, so I ran to the XM setup and got me a Roady2…now I’m one step closer to having XM. All I need now is my thing to sell on Ebay or someone gives me the $230 I’m looking for on some other R/C site and I’ll have the money for the home kit to play the Roady2 through my stereo and also the money to pay for a full year subscription.

This day has helped made me feel better than I was yesterday. I’ve been stressed out about this job thing, and I really don’t want to screw things up. The things that happened today has calmed me, and now I’m amped up for tomorrow, especially since this agency looked for me, not me looking for them.

Oh, to top it all off….HOCKEY’S COMING BACK!!! MULLETS ARE BACK!!

As Quagmire from “Family Guy” says:
“Giggty giggity giggity…all right!!!”