by Peter Marus

Now is the time for action, I’ve done enough thinking and it’s time to start doing something. I first said I am trying to change myself. I”m trying to make myself better, not just to be a better role model to some and person, but my overall health. I’m not bullshitting you when I say that some actually said they don’t want me to keel over. That’s a hell of a thing to be told. So I am doing all I can to not get myself at “that point” again. So far it’s working, but like most bad habits, it’s difficult to just stop. I”m getting better and now starting to not just get myself worked up over things in the grand scheme of things are nothing.

Another change I plan is a new tattoo. Like I said I have plans on what I want, and now I got to discuss it with the artist. It’s something that will help me remind me that in life there has to be a balance in life to be OK. It’s impossible to have an entire life of positivity or an entire life of negativity, it’s just not healthy to live that way. Also life is simply a mixture of good and bad, that’s just a fact. So my idea for a tattoo was inspired by me realization. Already since I am trying to change some people have had decided I am no longer needed, and that’s their choice. So sometime in the near future I will have something added to my body.

One other thing I will be doing this week is laying the groundwork for the website I am going to be building. I decided to just start to get that going. This week I will start planning the layout and how I want it to look visually, then start getting actual content together for it. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get that together, but who knows.

Finally, I am going to drop my myspace page. First off it seems like that all I do now is get spam from different’ scumbags on there. Second I never got an answer why they think this site is considered spam at one point, but apparently they don’t do that anymore. I just have issues wth how they handle things there. I do have a Facebook page, and I like their setup more, there are more “gates” to help keep the nonsense from getting into people’s pages. Also the level of control is there that Myspace doesn’t have. So in the next week or so I am going to get rid of my page. What does that mean for those who read this via the link I put there? Sorry. You can simply bookmark the page and check it out every so often, or I put up the link when I do an entry on my Twitter account (twitter name pmarus78), or if you’re into RSS feeds, the page here has one.

After I post this, I’m going to keep up my Mypsace account for another week then junk it.

My next blog entry I already have an idea of doing, If you don’t like to read about ramblings about social media, journalism, and where both are going, it may not be for you.