by Peter Marus

Don’t you love it when someone proves themselves to be what they really are, and know you have the choice as to what to do now since they already made theirs?

See, I had plans to hang out this afternoon. I made these plans last week, so there was time to make sure that all that was in place so that one is available to hang out. Well last night things were shaky when I was told that I would have to wait for a phone call when this person is available. Well that never came, and that action-or lack of action actually-showed me what this person really was about. Bottom line is that it’s just another thing to be left on the side of the road. They chose not to do follow through with what they said they wanted to do, so now they have to deal with the results of their choice.

Some here may be thinking ”what an ass” when it comes to me. Well let me remind you what I am and how I roll. This is also good since there are probably a few new readers here.

First off, I follow the theory of “if someone wants you around, they will make it so that you are.” Anyone blowing me off or lying to me just shows me that I am not wanted around, and therefore I don’t’ want that type of “person” around me. People choose not to want me around, and then they have to live with the repercussions of that choice if they come around me again and I look at them like a pile of shit.

I don’t settle for less than what I want out of someone or something, and no one gets what he or she want at my expense. I’ve been asked a ton of times by women that they don’t want anything more than a friendship after going our with me a few times, and none of them gets that. To me, when they ask me for just friendship, that tells me they want me for what they have now in someone they can talk to intimately, but the ability to go bang anyone else. I will not be the “guy friend” and I’ve pissed a lot of women off buy telling them to piss off. Not just with women, I’ve walked out of a lot of events or situation where if I were not going to get what I want out of it, then I would be wasting my time being there. My time is limited, why waste it?

Don’t’ ever question me in what I say or do. Whenever I do something or say something, I actually have thought it out and it’s not just flying out of me. I don’t say or do anything that I couldn’t handle if it was put on me. So for those who have thought I am an ass and do/say thing out of not thinking it through, you’re wrong and I find it an insult when I am questioned about it. Which leads me to…

At least 95% of the time I am right. In the end, what I say or do will be proven to be right in the end. This has happed many times and I have proven many wrong. Though I admit I can be a tad bit of a sore winner-if I prove someone wrong I can be highly obnoxious and can really “spike the ball” one too many times. I say 95% of the time, because I have been wrong. I’m not perfect nor have I ever said I was. The last two people to call themselves perfect was either nailed to a cross or died in a hotel room from heart issues due to the life of a wrestler. I hate to be wrong, and I remember the last time I had to admit I was wrong about something it made my stomach hurt. So lesson from this is that if I say or do something, it’s a good shot I am right.

Finally, I refer to a lot of people as garbage or some equivalent because I really feel as if I am better than 90% of people in this world. Those who I know and call friends I feel are at my level or higher; anyone else has yet to prove to me that they are at my level. Looking at the news I can’t help but feel like I am better than most of the “people” on this planet.

I am wrong from time to time, but I also have the balls to actually take responsibility for being wrong. This is what pisses me off about this world. People will do something wrong and either “pass the buck” or just blow it off like “not my fault”. This is what caused the economic collapse. People living off of money they didn’t have and acting that they have no responsibility to the debt they amassed. Finally someone stood up and asked their deadbeats “where’s my money?” and that cause the domino affect to where we are today. And rather than these parasites take responsibility and start paying off their debts, they went to the Government to get more money so they don’t have to face reality. Fuck you parasites, stop stealing my money and actually take responsibility for your actions. I hope that the government doesn’t help down the road and you end up on the street and possibly die. I am not like you in that I have paid off all my college debts and every other debt I had, its not that hard, but then again this society for some reason coddles the stupid and socially retarded rather than let Darwinism work and kill you useless scum off. If it wasn’t for you, living beyond your goddamn means, most of the stuff in this world would not be overpriced and it might be actually affordable to live, rather than struggling to survive.

I’m arrogant? You think I’m an asshole? Yeah I can be called a lot of things, but I am an honest person and I feel that how I am and what I do is right. It’s a shame a lot of others in this world don’t think this way-the world would be a better place if they did. Maybe I should pass my knowledge on to the next generation and try to counteract all the bullshit and counterproductive pussification of this world. Who knows, if I can influence one person to think this way, the ripple affect will cause this world to “get right”.

Those who can accept and agree with me, good for you, and you’re welcome to join me in living like I am-the life of the righteous. Otherwise, piss off, stop reading this, and hope all the horrible things that will happen to you happen at once, rather than slowly over time. Me personally I hope the latter happens because you probably do deserve all that slow pain.