by Peter Marus

OK so I am in a little bit of a dilemma. I have a ticket to the MLS game where David Beckham comes to town, but I am debating if I really want to go to the game. First parking/traffic will be a nightmare since half the parking is gone due to construction of the new Giants Stadium and train station. Second is just the aggravation of the fact that most of the people at the game are going to be just a bunch of jackoffs not there for the teams, but just because they are sheep and will go because a star is showing up. It's going to be a fucking circus and not one of those going to th game just to see him will come back to support RBNY. Even more sickening is the idea that all in attendance will be cheering AGAINST their local team. I don't know, I got a couple weeks to see what I can do, but if I can make a tidy profit for it, what the hell!

Why do Blacks feel like they have a right to fuck up classic comedies? First they fuck up “Airplane!” with “Soulplane”, then they butcher “The Honeymooners”, now they have the balls to take “Caddyshack” and shit on it by making “Who's your caddy?”. But on the bright side they fucked up their own once when they tried to make “Car Wash” more gangsta by making “The Wash”. At least the blacksploitation films of the 70's were so off the mark it made them funny, but now it seems like they want to make a classic for their own, and they fail big. One other remake that makes me sick isn't a racial thing, but they are going to remake the NYC gang film “the Warriors”, but form what I read they are just using the name and redoing it to make it more modern. On top of it, MTV is behind the idea, so you know that it won't be good since they haven't' done anything meaningful since the mid 90's, and I am being generous with that timeframe.