by Peter Marus

Well I did it. I ordered an Iphone. I went to the AT&T store by my job and put my order in. I now have 10-21 days to clear up some stuff with Verizon so I can port my number over and save myself and a lot of people headaches. I got the 8 gig phone, mostly because of the fact that I already have an Ipod, and I don't need to use the Iphone as one (which would drain the battery). So tonight I went through my address book on my mac, and updated it and made sure I had the right info in there so I can just sync it to my phone with no issues and not missing anyone's stuff.

now for a couple clips-assume they are NSFW:

mashup of “Clerks” and “Star Wars”-

mashup of “Star Wars” and “Rush Hour”-

“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe when he sold crap on QVC, and got fired a ton of times from there due to his selling skills-

Finally go to to download the latest mp3s of the last show-funny as hell.