by Peter Marus

Today is the mass exedous of people form the city, and to the city at the same time. SO for the next week, Midtown is going to be a madhouse (no matter how organized the security is there, it's still going to suck). Now what's going to be fun is when the cops, the people that are supposed to be there (GOP people), and the Hooligans (protestors and anarchists that SHOULDN"T be there, but are jsut for the attention), all get together. The senerios they are describing for this reminds me of the stories I heard about the old days in England when there were terraces instead of seats and security was lax. Usually it was three groups:

1. Supporters that went to the game to watch the game

2. Supporters that went to drink and have fun while watching the game

3. guys that had nothing to do with the game/team but wanted to go for a fight (refered to as Hooligans)

this convention reminds me also of when there would be a big event at PSU. They would have an event, and every "group" would come out of the woodwork and protest something...even if it had nothing to do with the event!!!! The best way I could describe it would be watch the movie PCU (great underated comedy with John Favreau, David Spade, and George Clinton performing in it). it's supposed to be a satire of college life, but it's scary how close to the college experience I had....