by Peter Marus

OK just thought I would put my first impressions of Leopard, Apple's update to their operating system. I put it on my computer with no problem, just I can't check my email with the default Mail application due to the fact that MSN is web based and you can't check it on anything other than the website or Outlook, which isn't available on Mac really. No worries I'll just check it in the web. I like the spaces feature, which in essence it will set up multiple desktops, so you can put one for internet stuff, one for word processing/work, one for media stuff, and whatever you want to do. It just clears up your screen of crap, and almost makes you have several monitors to move stuff around. You can easily switch from one to another, and move stuff from one virtual desktop to another with ease. Right now I am using Time machine, a backup program that comes with the operating system, and it's in the process of backing up my hard drive. I”m still putzing around with some of the features, but so far it's money well spent. I am finally using the calendar program that is always with all Apple OS programs, so maybe my life is going to be organized.

yeah I did waste your time....that's your problem since you were dumb enough to read this!!!