by Peter Marus

Hope you had a safe and good St. Patty's day. Mine was quiet and sober. I had lunch in the afternoon with my family, and it was nice, but also sad that my family is shrinking and seems to every year. It's just something that happens, but I am still thinking of the big gatherings we used to have on special occasions, so it's something I need to adjust to. Saturday night was spent watching TV and some movies. I did get to see most of the Sebring 12 hour race and part of the F-1 Race from Australia , and finished watching it this afternoon.

Today I went for a drive to get some air and I ended up at a mall on the Island. When I was walking around I saw a Rosetta Stone kiosk, and looked at what they had to offer. After a little chat and demo, I picked up the level one program for Spanish. I got the one made for Latin American Spanish, since that's a lot more accurate to what I need to learn for my area here, work if I want to talk to some people more effectively, and if I travel to Latin American countries should I have a need to. I haven't started the program yet, but probably will tomorrow night. I am looking forward to at least try to learn the language. At least watching soccer and Mexican Wrestling may be a little more enjoyable!!

Monday morning I have a Doctor's appointment. It's nothing major, just a checkup to see how I”m doing with my blood pressure medication, and some other minor things. It's going to be th first time under my new health plan, and hopefully the transition is somewhat smooth (as in I don't get my balls busted over switching to my insurance-if so I just walk since I'm almost ready to look for better doctor anyway.)

Also tomorrow is going to be interesting a work. Apparently later this week the person I usually have working with me comes back, which honestly sucks since I like the new person they have with me now. First he's a guy, and that means he can help me with moving supplies around, and he actually does his job. I will not get into some details, but let's just say that I will be having a talk with the old person that is coming back over her responsabilites (more what she SHOULD have been doing) since last week was eye opening as far as what she DIDN'T do and what she told me she did.

Oh, and as far as my creative needs, I played around with my new camcorder and used it with my Mac for the first time. It's a snap to import the footage and edit it. I just need to get some decent footage to edit together. I was just using some random shots I took around the house and was playing with some effects and transitions Imovie has, and for a “basic' editing software that comes with the computer, you can do a lot with it. It's no Avid or Final Cut program, but for basic editing and some effects, it's really good. Beats the hell out of what windows can do! Oh and as far as the podcast I mentioned, it's still up in th air as far as if I am doing it or not. I'm still figuring out what I can do on it and if it is worth the time. I've thought of using it as an extension of what I write here, but my voice sucks and I would sound nuts talking by myself. And for those who are wondering, it would just be an audio podcast-smaller file to up/download, easier to edit, and looks wouldn't matter. Some suggested I do a video one and model it after the guy on NYC public access, but I don't think an Israeli flag and my shaved head would go well....