by Peter Marus

Finally updated my resume. I put the online version in the link on the side of the page. Hopefully it came out right; I was messing with it all morning trying to make it look right. SO that’s it, and still have to thank all those who helped me out with it. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Also here’s a pic of me from last night. I wanted to try out the camera on my phone to see what kind of quality photos it can get. Also notice I trimmed the goatee really short. Felt like doing it since it was really getting scruffy and just wasn’t looking too good. Some of you may be seeing me for the first time, so take it all in of you can, studs like me don’t come around often. And to those who read this, it’s just another pic of the eye candy that is I, which some of you probably still wish you had. I would say to all of those people they are open to plead their cases as to why I should consider taking you back, despite your poor choice of going with the pretty wrapping and dropping me, the total package, but why should I take back some loser from my past that showed they are nothing but lying scum and beneath me?

Damn I am a good-looking dude!