by Peter Marus

I am so sick of hearing about the Yankees. Their season is over, but somehow the attention whores that work for the team wants to somehow seem relevant or even overshadow a playoffs that have some damn good stories in them. So what the Yankees are having meetings in Tampa? Guess what, ALL THE FUCKING TEAMS HAVE END-OF-YEAR MEETINGS!! All the other teams have the class to not make it seem like the routine meetings matter. Ironic that the Yankees almost never have or show what they claim they have: class.

It's pathetic how Yankee fans are. All of these fans are so wrapped up in the past, that is all they bring up in any conversation. Then again the team can;t move forward from their past. Hell look at their roster-it's mostly players past their glory days or just hangers-on from the last time they did something significant. Then again they have the walking cancer that is A-Rod. Now he apparently wants to test the market, or at least thats what the pussy said he agent wants. A-rod can't make a decision on his own, so he lets his agent run his professional life. If I read is right, he might be giving up a guaranteed $80 mil to see if he can get more on the open market. let's be real; he's an above average player, but wherever he has gone the team flounders and is in chaos. Why would you really think that given his track record anyone in their right mind would give him more than what he is making now?

Switching subject, since I got HDTV here, I did find one bad thing with in; apparently on the news at night all they have are gargoyles delivering the news in dresses. I usually watch Channel 7 here in NYC, and it's like the fucking Cryptkeeper is telling me what is going on in the world. On the bright side, I watched some of the Discovery channel in HD and damn do their shows look fantastic in HD. I saw the show “build it bigger” and the show was made for HD. It seems like most shows are taking advantage of the HD technology, with more sweeping shots of a building, more wider angle shots. I like how it looks and I hope it does continue.

I've also been throwing around the idea of getting an Iphone. The ting is I would need to pay almost $200 to get out of my current contract and if I can keep my current phone number, and I also would need to see how the signal is around here. Last time I saw an AT&T phone around here, the signal sucked. Also, have that small issue with my mom's phone as part of my contract. Like I said just throwing the idea around, and probably won't do it, but just thinking of it.

Also debating of not doing the Iphone, but pre-ordering the new Apple OS for my Mac. It's looking like it would be worth the $129 upgrade. It doesn't come out until the end of the month, so I got some time to see if I want to do that or just go to the Apple store and pick it up there.