by Peter Marus

Sean Bell's alleged killers, three cops-two black and one part Arab-were acquitted, and once again the black community is using the pathetic crutch of racism to justify the false anger they feel. Funny, all the cops aren't white, and it's racism. Must be that rule in the “community”, if you join the cops you are automatically considered white. Also once again Sharpton is trying to insite a riot with all his talk (claiming he wants “civil disobedience”), and once again the community proves they are all talk and no action. Now they are trying to get the federal government involved, but I doubt they would want to waste their time. This was a city matter, there was no civil rights violated, and the matter should be left alone.

Someone mentioned to me that I shouldn't have compared Nickelback to Journey, and Air Supply is a better comparison. I”ll give Journey this: Steve Perry has a fantastic voice, but beyond that the music is garbage. One band I can also compare to Journey give that last statement is Skid Row. Sebastian Bach has a amazing voice, but their songs sucked, I will give a couple more bands in the same shitty column as Nickelback-Poison, Winger, Extreme, and as a matter of fact, most of the hair bands of the 80s.

I see Miley Cyrus is apologizing for photos she took that some call racy. Seeing the pics, where they were done by a famous photographer, I don't see a problem with them. they aren't showing anything really illegal, and they are actually nice artistic photos. Hell, some of the pics are with her father, so if her family approved of the photos, what the hell's the problem??? If there should be any embarrassment, it should be for her father's career and mullet.