by Peter Marus

Just some random stuff I've been thinking:

-For some odd reason, I've found two women attractive. Radio host Rachel Maddow and NYC Council speaker Christine Quinn. Both I just find attractive, but the small snag is that both are lesbians. So in the end I have as much chance with either of these chicks as I do if they were straight.

-March Madness is coming up soon, and all I see now is these nobody college teams on TV crying for “respect” because they earned the 15th seed in the tournament. I never was a huge fan of college basketball, or basketball in general, so I really hate the early part of the year when all that is on is college basketball. the only viable reason I pay attention to the tournament is when I “invest” in a pool and somehow hope for a profit.

-NASCAR started up a couple weeks ago, and I'm happy about that. I love auto racing, and especially the NASCAR or touring car type, where “rubbin' is racin'” . Open wheel is good and impressive to watch since it is an artform watching these drivers pilot missiles at over 200 MPH, but i don't get a rush like I do with NASCAR.

-Speaking of rushes, I seem to not really have that feeling about things I used to. Not sure, maybe I'm just burnt out when it comes to emotional feelings after the past several months, going from such a high to a crashing low. I guess it's a” numbness” I feel about a lot of things. I still get enjoyment from things, but it's just there's nothing lately that has given me a “rise” or a rush of emotion that some things should. Maybe the upcoming MLS season will, but I'm not really sure. At this point maybe it's best for me to stop looking, let me sit back and gather my thoughts about some things.