by Peter Marus

So Valentine's day is coming up, and as usual with this society, the commercials have been out in full force for the past couple weeks. You know them-the emasculated, dumb male trying to get that gift to make his wife's year. Or the douchebag trying to be slick in getting his chick a piece of jewelry, that happens to be on sale. This is always the type of crap that is always put out there by this backwards-ass society in general: make the man look weak and stupid. Unfortunately it seems that this isn't in TV. Look around you and you'll see some pussy-whipped sissies looking around for a gift to satisfy that shrew of a wife or girlfriend. I will never be that guy. First off, if any chick I am with isn't happy with just a simple little gift on Valentine's day from me, she has the 15th to apologize to me, or on the 16th we break up. I can't, and won't, be made to feel that what I do on one day means more than anything I do 364 other days to show I appreciate and care about someone in my way. And if you and your chick use Valentine's day as the one day to show your love and appreciation, just give up because your relationship is damaged.

I choose to be a man, and the man in a relationship. That means I will refuse to be/do the following (not in any order):

I refuse to have my kindness to be taken advantage of. Sure I am a nice guy and all, but that's all probational with a chick, to see if she is worth the time to still be nice to. If she lies to me or does something to question my trust in her, then she sees the other side of me-cold and distant that acts like they are almost dead to me. Your Pete privileges are over

I refuse to spend any money on anyone that doesn't appreciate all the things I do for free. If I am taking the time to do something for someone, they damn sure better appreciate it. I am not a charity

I refuse to let any lie a woman tells me to slip by. Hey, if I am going to get called out on my bullshit, she's getting called out on hers. If that bothers her, she knows where the door is. They choose to lie to me, they have to be ready to accept whatever comes out of that selfish action-both good and bad

I refuse to have a “soft spot” for any ex, and have any desire to be “just friends” with her. That's giving her something she wants-access to me, and if things don't work out, why should she get something out of it and I get nothing I want or need?

I refuse to give a woman any time that she won't make for me. to me, if you care about someone, you'll make time for them. It's that fucking simple.

I refuse to feed into someone else's selfishness. The world and relationship will not revolve around you and your needs. You have to give as much as I do. Not that hard.

I refuse to bow down to a chick because she has a slit between her legs. I got two hands, I'll be fine

There are probably a bunch of others I can add here, but you get the idea. I am going to be a man, and be myself. Some are going to say “look at the woman hater, he must be pissed at a chick”, and they are partly right. I'm pissed at today's woman in that with all the equality shit they have, they still will play the “I'm a fragile woman” shit. You can't have it both ways, and you won't have it your way totally with me. To get what you want, I require you to give what I want. How fucking hard is that?

In my past, especially my recent past, I have been promised by women that they cared about me, and how no matter what, they will make time to see me, and how they have fallen for me, and all that shit. But alas I simply ask them to follow through with their talk, and they either get found out to be the lying pigs that they are and deny it, or they have the audacity to call me selfish because I ask them to contribute to the relationship. I'll let some of you in on a secret: some chicks who read this used to go out with me, and maybe had a sorta serious thing for me. For some reason or another we aren't talking anymore, but they are so pathetic they still have a “soft spot” for me, probably because they know they did wrong and haven't apologized to me. So for all the women who tried to emasculate me and tried to make me “fall in line” with what a guy should be these days: I'm still here, you still want me, you could have had me if you really cared about me and actually followed through on the line of bullshit you fed me, and between now and Valentines day I hope you kill yourself or someone close to you dies painfully.

Happy Valentine's day everyone