by Peter Marus

Happy Easter all. From my extensive Catholic upbringing, Today is when jesus rose from the dead, and turned a bunch of bunnies into yummy chocolate treats. He has nothing to do with the Peeps-those are the work of the Devil. yeah, that’s it. Besides, look up what other “Christians” say, and you’ll see I”m not as crazy. In fact, here’s a crazy Christian rant:

Hope all had a good time spending this day with loved ones. I spent my Easter in Jersey. it was good overall, despite it was in Jersey. It was good seeing some relatives, and hopefully I will get out of the area to actually see some of these relatives soon. Still have to figure out that part.

Earlier this week, for those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook (look me up if you don’t), I put out there a question about what I should do for a new tattoo on my leg. I chose to use the Ying-Yang symbol, but I didn’t just want that. I asked for some ideas as far what else I should have with it. I got one idea-a dragon around the symbol, and that really intrigued me. I should look into that idea, that does sound cool. I should get a hold of the tattoo artist who did an awesome job on my back (in fact he reads this I think, so he probably just got what I was thinking), and see what can be done. I explained why I like the Ying-Yang symbol, maybe I’ll write something again on it.

I am enjoying my mac Mini in my living room, it was good to have the past couple nights watching the Mets game-good to look up stats and info as the game was going on, as well as the Strikeforce MMA event on Showtime last night where I wanted more info on a couple fighters featured on the event.

As far as the Strikeforce MMA event goes, it was overall a good event. Outside of UFC, I enjoy Strikeforce. They are a group who does business right-they keep themselves in the limits their money has them, they don’t revolve their entire promotion around one fighter, and they have a plan to grow their fighters and promotion to make it a stable promotion like the UFC is. Give these guys a shot and you’ll find a quality product. My only advice is that if you watch the replay on Showtime; mute the audio. the announcers are dogshit. They are glorified pro wreslting announcers, where they over promote fighters, and try to create controversy and drama. They also try to make up storylines that aren’t there. I’m guessing CBS and Showtime made the promotion use them, but they sucked with Elite XC, and honestly one of the reasons Elite XC failed, and should NOT be used in and MMA show.