by Peter Marus

Eh I got nothing tonight, I suck!!!! But here we go…

Today was a sad day in NY radio, when 101.1 WCBS FM went to the stupid format called Jack FM. Jack(off) FM is basically an excuse to have your radio station ran by a computer, with the only people there are techs to make sure the equipment is working, and some hack radio DJ there to say 5 minutes of speech each hour, on top of the 20-25 minutes of ads.

Jack(off-I will refer to it as that since it’s so stupid) FM is being done all over the country, and it’s doing well for some odd reason. The idea is that you email/call in what you want to hear and then it get played down the road. Only flaw is that the Program Director has the power to see what gets played and what doesn’t. That happens then is that you only hear a limited number of songs that are or were popular. The rock station in NYC is doing something like this now, and so far I’ve heard the same 60 songs at least twice a week. This is why I want to get, and want whoever reads this, XM Radio. They got each channel dedicated to one genre of music. For example, you can get on one channel all 60s music while on a couple channels down you get punk. There are so many different sub-genres in each form of music, you will find something you will like. Also don’t forget channel 202, High Voltage, home of Opie and Anthony.

On a personal note, my dog is getting better. He’s walking around better and actually got up the stairs on his own today. Things are looking good for him.

As far as my sports teams go, Mets are doing Ok, they are hanging in the in the NL East. Metros won a game this week, and I wish they could keep the grass at the stadium or better…BUILD A STADIUM FOR THEMSELVES AND HAVE REAL GRASS AND NO NAZIS FOR SECURITY!!! US Nats team plays in a World Cup Qualifier Sat against Costa Rica. They are playing this game in Salt Lake City….cause as you know Mormons are the hardest of hardcore supporters!!!