by Peter Marus

This past week I’ve been in bad shape. I’ve been sick most of it, and I was in such bad shape I had to stay home. In said state I had nothing to do other than amaze how each sip of cold water makes me shiver or sip anything warm makes me sweat like the room is 110 degrees, and also sleep. In between these fun activities I was also reading some books, mostly to keep my mind off my situation and just try to boost my attitude. As I read, what I am about to write was coming into my head.

First off, I don’t know why, but most of my life, but I have had a like of whiny little babies to deal with. What I mean is people who all their lives revolved around wallowing in their miseries and just bitch and bitch and bitch. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to complain a bit but at the same time after I get it out, I figure out what I have and what I can and have to do to change the situation. This is what most sane people do but I somehow find those who don’t follow this pattern of action.

I knew someone who had a shitty job, but all this person did was cry that she was just a dumb waitress, she didn’t amount to anything, she hated NYC, and a lot of other petty little problems. Then again this wonderful attitude led to her not having contact with her family, losing a lot of her friends, and just acting that she’s the strong person that is above everything and everyone. In reality, her attitude showed me she’s nothing but a weak person that was a parasite that was sucking the fun and life out of my time I was spending with her. I called her out on all her bitching, and she had no answer to any of her bitching. I’m lying: she did have an answer “Oh well I guess I’ll have to stay as a waitress and just work through it.”

I haven’t talked to her in a while, but I’m sure she’s still in her shitty restaurant working, while hanging out with the people she found immature and beneath her. She was really garbage and was that way because she put herself there. I had a theory that her and people like her actually like to be in that situation mostly because it’s a “safe” place to be since they are familiar with it. I also think some of these sick people actually get off on this situation. These are really sad, weak people that no good people deserve to have in their lives, and vice versa.

Another thing that was on my mind was work and the people that bitch that they have no time for those they love or care about because they work so much. I’m sure those who are reading this crap can understand whom I am referring to. These are the people who choose to work 14+ hours a day and/or work 6 days a week, and then turn around and wonder why people are pissed with them or they are pissed that there’s no time for anything outside of work, sleep, eat, shower, and shit…not in that order.
See, here’s my theory on how a job should work. On one’s average day, work should take up no more than a total of 12 hours of your day (and this includes all time commuting). Sometimes it’s cool to rack up some OT, but for the most part, 12 hours is more than enough. Then there should be 6-8 hours for sleep, which means one should have 4-8 hours of time for them to do whatever the hell they want to do. Any job that infringes of this schedule on a regular basis, I then start looking for another job if I am not promised that the higher work schedule is only temporary, and I will start looking elsewhere when I am bothered on my weekends or vacations with work. Most people seem to just “take it” that your life should revolve around your job. If one chooses to live this way, then they should accept that their life and whoever they have in their life may not be what they want. On top of this, the only people to complain to and cry about this if it doesn’t turn out what they want are themselves.

I knew some people that was like that, and although promises were made to hang out or whatever, they “had to work that extra shift” or “had to cover for someone”, all the time. Once again these people I do not deal with anymore, since they are also weak people who don’t deserve anything more than what they happen to get via dumb luck. What do I mean by weak? What I mean is that these people are not good socially, or weren’t in their childhoods, and they finally find a job that they can wrap themselves with and make their lives and not have to worry about the “outside” world. Funny thing is humans don’t want to be alone, and when they want others in their lives, they find it difficult to assimilate them into their lives because they would have to give up some work. That would mean a loss of part of and leaving their “safe zone.” This is sad to me, and I don’t want these sad people around me.

So let me give some words about strong people, and people that are better than most of those who I just wrote about. Strong people are the people who can look at something wrong in their lives and go “I have problem a in my life, now I am going to go and do something to rectify this problem.” Strong people do have complaints, but they put them out there, and then after that it’s done and either they get it fixed or leave it and move on. These people are the motivated ones who will move past from their issues and work to get rid of them rather than sit there and wallow in shit.

I’ve met many of these people, and some recently that in reality they are one mishap away from another line, another drink, or even simply blowing their brains out, but they are still out there trying to better themselves, moving past whatever there was in their past that caused them to do damage or be damaged. These people may seem fragile, but at least they had the strength to at least try to elevate their lives.

If this seems like nothing but ramblings and poorly written, well it was poorly thought out. Hey I was sick as hell and dehydrated when this was thought through.