by Peter Marus

I”m just throwing something up here even though I am way too hot to really think of anything really witty or funny here. I really, really, really, hate this weather. I don't do well in the heat, and I am even more crankier now. I am glad I picked up a mew A/C, now my room is nice and cold so i can sleep. At my job, it's nice one building I work in cranked up the A/C to make it somewhat bearable, especially given that this week is really busy with several week-long large meetings. The other building on the other hand...well I walked in, saw the thermostat readout that read it's a brisk 84 degrees on that floor. I seriously hope I get the hell out of that building soon, since I felt for awhile now that the building is form hell, now it's starting to feel just like hell on the inside.

This weekend is Father's day, and I'm celebrating it the same way I have celebrated it the past several years-going to the grave sites of my Dad and Grandfather. The more years that go by, the more “numb” I feel. Not as far as Apathy, but I don't get torn up about going up there to see the sites. maybe it's just the process that I am moving on, I don't know. On the bright side, Friday night I am going to the Beer Garden again. Should be a fun time. Hopefully no messes come up again and sloppily hit on some of my friends....”Drew” won't be pleased.

I do have to see if they have this beer on tap there: