by Peter Marus

I don't have my olive oil voice right now, but I still got my Ginny charm. Yesterday was the home opener for the Red Bulls. Going into it, some were nervous about me due to what happened last week, but it was all good. My cousin texted me to make sure I was ok, and he said if it wasn't going bad, he and another friend was going to come out to Jersey and help me out. God bless my cousin, but sometimes he is a tad overprotective like a big brother to me. But at the same time if I piss him off or flat out tell him to fuck off, he has no problem letting me do my thing and see if I succeed, fall on my face (ask him about what happened last year, and he still gloats telling me “I told you so, stupid”).

So I get out there around 2 or so. Hung out, talked, drank (had a case of Fat Angel, and a 12 pack of water-I was good to go). More and more people showed up, and a lot of old friends arrived, and it was a great time. Eventually someone had too much to drink, to the point where he fell over, threw up o himself, and was so incoherent, he was taken via ambulance to the hospital. Last I heard he was out of the hospital, but was held for observation. As sad as it was, personally I don't feel a lot of pity for him. Sure it's sad that this happened, but no one put a gun to his head to drink for over 4 hours straight, pounding back to back drinks. Personally, I cut myself off when I felt I had too much, and also knew I had to stop at some point to sober up enough to drive home.

Anyway, I went into the stadium and had a blast. I spent the entire game, screaming, singing, bouncing around. The section was packed, had to be at least 500 people in the section, and all were into the game. The ESC really added to the atmosphere. I didn't see either of the goals scored, and learned to record all the games from now on to see the game on the field, not just bits and pieces. After the game, hung out in the parking lot for a while waiting for the traffic to die down (the Nets game also ended at the same time), and eventually went home.

Interesting side note-I went to the game with a case of beer and water. I get home with more than a case of beer, many different types of beer also. I wish all investments went that way!