by Peter Marus

I spent Sunday finishing up preparing to give my car to charity. It gets picked up tomorrow. I took the plates off, the registration, and whatever stuff that was left in the car. Sort of sad occasion, but this has to be done. Hopefully I”ll soon be able to save up for a new car. I plan on taking whatever money I get back from the insurance company, and if I get any from my taxes return, and putting it to another car. Luckily I don't have any MAJOR expenses to deal with the next several months, so I should be able to save up some ok cash. I”ll wait for a bit to see what I can do as far as making this money grow in some form. So in short I think this pic should best show where I will be tomorrow:

Next week starts the Red Bulls season at home. I can't wait to have something fun to do on a weekend again. Big tailgating think going on all day, and then the game as I sit in the ESC section of 101. Here's an idea as to what I enjoy and where I sit in the stadium:

BTW my MLS fantasy league team, Lion's Den FC, #3 after week 1!!!