by Peter Marus

This whole weekend was a fucking waste of time. Last night I had that thing with the dog show and my near breakdown. Right after I posted about that, my AOL program froze up and I couldn’t use that. I restarted the program, and my entire program froze up. After restarting my computer, I tried logging into AOL again. Sure enough after 10 minutes. The same fucking thing happened again. I reinstalled AOL, and guess what, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!! I tried letting the program correct itself, but it didn’t work. So now it’s a crapshoot if I can stay online for more than 10 minutes. I HATE AOL AND HOPE THEY FUCKING DIE!!!

Today, I tell my family I would like to get a different ISP in this house, and maybe even DSL. After explaining how it will save them money in the long run (less phone line to pay for), it gets shot down because my dad doesn’t think I know what the hell I’m talking about. He’s worried about the old emails he has saved on his AOL account and getting rid of them would be bad (his genealogical stuff is on there). I told him that he could copy and paste them all onto a WordPerfect Document (mind you he’s printed most of them anyway). So the whole idea is shot down, which means I’m fucked until I get a job. During all this, things were said about what I feel about how my father treats me, and he says he never did. I tried to explain everything to him about all this and how it would work, but of course just like anytime I wanted to do something, he doubts my knowledge and ability. My mom’s staying out of this, which she always does.

I don’t’ know, all this plus a broken promise on top of it (something was supposed to happen this weekend which didn’t) has really stressed me out and has cause me to have an even shorter fuse. In fact, just minutes ago, I almost had a breakdown in front of my mom, but I held together. I also realized that I might possibly came upon something; get rid of the 2nd phone line and get DSL through the primary line (one used for the phone). I still have to see how much more it will be, but with that situation, they all would have their AOL, and I could have my other ISP, and we all would have a faster Internet connection. If anyone have an ideas as to weather or not this is a good idea, please email me.

My head hurts, I’m going to bed now.