by Peter Marus

Happy belated Mother’s Day to you all fine mothers (and happy MILF’s Day to all you fine-ass bitches). Spent mine with the family, and it was a cool time overall. Nothing huge happened today. Hope ally ou people were good to your mother, considering what bullshit most of you put them through and they didn’t tell you to piss off.

I spent Friday night out at a bar with some friends. I got to the bar a little early, so I decided to walk around the neighborhood. Where this bar is, the East Village, is a lot of hipsters, and colleges students thanks to some of the universities in the area. Seeing what was around me, I felt two things: old and fat. The old part isn’t new since I’m 30 and that’s always been feeling old since I turned 30. The fat part actually started the night before, where after my shower and I stood on my scale...all nekked (there’s the sexy partof this entry ladies-take all of that picture in and enjoy). I”m on the scale, and had to look around my belly to see I am about 243 lbs. I”m 5’11” and I should not be this fat. I wish I could also say it’s all muscle but I can’t pull that lie off!!! I have to get some weight off me, not for vanity-I honestly don’t really care how I look; someone will like me and think I”m cute/hot no matter what. I just don’t feel right especially with my height and weight ratio. I ‘m planning on going on a diet soon, and hopefully trim down a bit. That I promise

So after a little while hanging out with my friends and shooting the shit, I was talking to a female friend of mine. For the second time in two weeks, I was told how great of a person I am, and as it was put Friday night “If you exes couldn’t see how great of a person you are, they are either stupid or just simply a bunch of assholes who don’t deserve you.” I’ll be honest I did lift my spirit and it put me in a good mood for the rest of the night. Finally after some nice partying and some kick-ass pizza at the pizza joint on Ave. A by 13th street, it was time to go home. I got my ride home with my friends who were all form Queens as well. The ride could not be more Dominican. First off it’s in an older BMW that hasn’t been tricked out too much, but has a nice stereo head in the dashboard with Z100 blasting. I will say that I was in the front seal since when I tried to get into the back, I almost crushed one chick when I tried to slide into the back seat. So anyway after a quick trip to White Castle I got home, passed out, and woke up three hours almost dying. Thank god I did have a glass of water around from when I got home, I think, since I was almost dying from dry mouth and whatever. After I finished my water the next thing I know it was noon Saturday.

Ok just to make this entry worth a damn: here are some videos to look at, maybe it will make up for the substandard crap I just wrote:

Matt Serra blogs for his upcoming UFC fight May 23.

finally, my favorite commercials these days for the MLB 09 video game