by Peter Marus

Just thought I'd post something before I hit the sack.

First, My cousin pointed me to a very interesting show called “Ninja Warrior”. It's a Japanese game show where the contestants have to go through several obstacle courses. The thing is if they don't make it through the first one in a set time, they are eliminated. It's a cult show, where people train all year to compete. It starts out with 100 contestants each season, and in the history of the show (I think it's been around for like 7 years or so), only one person has made it through all 4 stages of the show. I can't put into words as far as details, so if you have the G4 network, check the show out.

I can't stand the show “Entourage”. Maybe it's because it's an LA based show, but I just never got into it.

I watch the “Deadliest Catch”, another favorite show of mine, and I realize I am not a real man. Those psychos are

April 30th would have been my parent's 30th anniversary...just one of the fifty things on my mind

Sunday nights suck, since it was on a Sunday my dad died, and I have a real hard time getting to sleep especially since I was awoken of the sickening thud of my dad falling out of bed that night. What sucks is that I have other thoughts come into my mind that makes Sunday Nights suck. I am trying something that has worked with other negative things in my life. I think the word “stop” over and over when I start thinking of something negative until I stop thinking of that bad/negative thing or things. If that doesn't work, I actually say the word “stop”. If that doesn't work, I scream it out. Sounds dumb?? Try it one day, I bet you will find that it works. See, who knew after reading all my bullshit on this blog you might learn something useful!!!

I wasn't really paying full attention to the Draft this weekend, but I do know Psu alums Levi Brown and Paul Posluszny were drafted. Posluszny I was surprised wasn't taken in the first round and sad the Giants didn't' pick him up (but they did get PSU's Jay Alford)!!! The other PSU players in the draft went to teams most expected to go to> Hunt went to the Eagles I know, and he may do well in that system.