by Peter Marus

Seeing the Grammy's are on tonight, I thought of something I wanted to mention a while ago. it's more for the Rock and Roll hall of fame farce that is in Cleveland. they opened an annex in NYC, which means there's a glorified garage sale somewhere in NYC. Here's a tip for you rubes wanting to go to that Hall of Fame: go to any Hard Rock Cafe in America instead. You'll see MUCH better rock memorabilia, and also be able to get some good food. The only reason one should go to Cleveland is if your football or baseball career is in the dumps and you need to go to team, and you prefer a big hayseed town over a small one that minor league teams are found in.

This week is my trip to Ohio, but a classier town than Cleveland. I get to go to Columbus, home of some college that apparently has an average college. Well the college there is so insecure with their identity, they went to court to make sure they can call themselves "THE Ohio State University". OSU Alums sound so retarded when they emphasize "THE", well they are THE biggest asswipes in the country, and they are only good at chocking in the big game. Best joke I heard about OSU was from , oddly enough, A Michigan fan:

Q. How do you get a Buckeye off your porch?
A. You pay for the Pizza

But seriously, I cant' wait for the trip. It' going to be a fun time, and I"m not worried about the trip on the bus-I'm not on one of those Asian gambling buses or church buses that you tend to find littering the side of the highway.

One more week until I get Direct TV. Not that I'll get much time to use it next weekend, due to some commitments I made. They are all cool commitments since they mostly involve some important people both here and yet to come.